Wednesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Five Days of War: Grade F

Well, we’re off to a running stop on this week’s Round-Up. I’m not going to even bother explaining why this poster is terrible, let’s just move on.

2. Late Bloomers: Grade C-

I love the symmetry of the image, however it feels a little naked (yes, I went there) against the rest of the poster. It looks very flat.

3. Space Battleship Yamato: Grade C

If I didn’t find this poster on a respectable site I wouldn’t believe it was a real film. That being said, the Sci-Fi geek in me absolutely loves the very concept of the art, but it is a little sloppy.

4. The Violin: Grade B

I love how this poster is soaked in that moody green. It is a great setting and feel.

5. Final Destination 5: Grade C-

They’re still making these movies, huh?

6. Killer Elite: Grade B

There is a gritty naturalness I enjoy with this poster, particularly how the age of each man is on full display, it isn’t buffed or touched.

7. Bucky Larson: Grade B

I have to apologize for the fact that this poster amuses me. I enjoy the wacky goofball antics of Nick Swardson.

8. Fright Night: Grade D

If I recall, I’ve enjoyed nearly all the marketing for this film, until now. There are few things worse than a poster built around a cheesy tagline, especially if that poster is simply a lazy shot of one of the characters.

9.  Strippers vs. Werewolves: Grade B

It is sexy, and totally tongue-in-cheek. I particularly like the soggy and cheap looking backdrop, a lot of fun.

10. Weekend: Grade A

The soft washed out coloring trend may be getting a little overused and tiresome, but it’s still so damn pretty.

– James Merolla

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