Week in Review: Cannes ’15 Pickups Coming Soon


While there’s a film festival going on in Cannes, so much of the festival and the buzz comes, like it is with Sundance, from purchases and pickups of many of the titles being screened there, and even those that aren’t. There are countless deals being struck, but we did our best to round up just a few of the more notable titles that will some day be arriving stateside.

First up, Gus Van Sant’s The Sea of Trees with Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe will be distributed in the U.S. by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. Atom Egoyan’s Remember, starring Christopher Plummer, was picked up by A24. The comedy Geezer, starring Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, has been picked up by Hyde Park International. Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert with Nicole Kidman has been picked up by Atlas Distribution for a planned September release. The Xavier Dolan film It’s Only the End of the World, with Marion Cotillard, Lea Seydoux, and Vincent Cassel, is set to shoot this month, but has already been picked up for international distribution. And finally Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s martial arts movie The Assassin has not yet screened at Cannes but has already been purchased for U.S. distribution.


The number one rule of hiking is, “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.” On the set of Wild, the Reese Witherspoon movie from last year, the filmmakers broke that golden rule in the film’s opening scene. And one hiker has the proof.

Via Oregon Live, A hiker in Oregon named Chris Kesting watched the opening scene to Wild, in which an enraged Cheryl Strayed (Witherspoon) hurls her hiking boot off the edge of a cliff after losing the first one. “Hey, I know exactly where that is,” Kesting said. “One of these days it might be fun to go up there and see if that boot is actually there.” Sure enough, Kesting found the boot and proved it was Witherspoon’s by comparing it to the boot he saw in the trailer and on the poster. Strayed herself even confirmed the finding on her Facebook page. How do you like that for a souvenir?

While Amazon scored a huge deal by booking Woody Allen to make his first ever streaming TV series, Deadline ran a story this week that mentioned they’re planning to expand into original movies as well as television. /Film noted however that Deadline severely buried the lede when they noted that Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch and Terry Gilliam, three huge names in indie cinema, were among the directors who signed early movie deals with Amazon. /Film goes on to say that Amazon’s Ted Hope wishes to produce 12 original movies a year starting this year.

Doesn’t Marvel know that Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist, but he wasn’t a Black Panther? Regardless of that oversight, The Wrap ran a story this week speculating that Ava DuVernay, director of the Oscar snubbed Selma, was being courted to direct the Marvel movie Black Panther. Booking DuVernay would be a big, but exceptionally strange get, for Marvel, regardless of the fact that she’s an African-American woman in a class of none over at Marvel. Black Panther is already planned for July 2018, and Marvel is supposedly also looking for a female director, possibly DuVernay, or possibly Angelina Jolie, to direct Captain Marvel.

In casting news, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne has been offer the starring role in J.K. Rowling’s film trilogy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a spinoff of the Harry Potter movies. Rapper Method Man is in negotiations to join the Key & Peele film Keanu. Mike Tyson confirmed his role in martial arts movie Ip Man 3, which is said to be the final film in the story and that Tyson is to have a significant part. Star Wars: Rogue One has added Diego Luna as a rebel fighter and confirmed Ben Mendelsohn as the main villain. And Simon Pegg spilled the beans that Daniel Craig is making a cameo in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens as a stormtrooper.

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