Weekly News Roundup: Gamescom announcements, VR gets goofy, and more

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Press that pause button and stretch those fingers; it’s time to roundup the news that you might have missed from the world of gaming this week.


While World of Warcraft may have added a new world and increased the current level cap, Fallout 4 has gone the extra mile by eliminating the level cap entirely according to PC Gamer. Bethesda made changes to its post-apocalyptic series after fans expressed an interest in continuing gameplay after the main story concluded in Fallout 3. By discarding level caps, Fallout 4 hopes to create a truly open-ended world that will keep players hooked until the end of time.

mirros edge catalyst

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a reboot after all. PlayStation Lifestyle reported that during Gamescom Design Director Erik Oeldahl explained:

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a reboot. We basically took the things we really liked about the first game. Faith, first and foremost, the first-person free-running gameplay, and also the aesthetics, which we’ve built on, of course. But it’s a reboot. We’re telling Faith’s origin story, so the events of the first game actually don’t really exist. Maybe they will at one time in the future.

Many had suspected that the latest Mirror’s Edge game was a reboot rather than a sequel or prequel, and now we have definitive proof that Faith is getting a second chance to shine.


According to Gamespot Xbox One backwards compatibility is coming this November. Microsoft made the announcement during their briefing at Gamescom. One hundred titles will be available at launch, with more to come as time goes by. In addition, Windows 10 integration for the Xbox One will also debut in November.

portal 2 level pack

Portal 3 may never happen, but the Portal legacy lives on in the Portal 2 Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions. IGN reported that WB Games producer Doug Heder explained that the main story behind LEGO Dimensions focuses on Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle as they traverse through different worlds. Since portals are involved, it is only natural that our heroes would stopover in GLaDOS’ testing chambers. The story is said to be reflective of the state of affairs at Aperture Labs after Wheatley’s banishment. Heder is confident that fans will enjoy this LEGO adventure and said:

We’ve got, between the main game and the level pack, eighteen unique test chambers. I hate to say this, because this is not trying to say anything, [but] that is more test chambers than in a single Portal game. The skill for these test chambers is obviously a little bit different in comparison, but Valve has been a fantastic partner.

Of course, no one is better suited to take on GLaDOS than Chell. She will be receiving her own LEGO pack, portal gun and all, in the first wave of figures.


Oculus Rift’s TIME magazine cover lit the internet on fire this weekend according to Nerdist, as VR diehards were met with the goofiest looking image promoting virtuality in decades. Seriously, look at that thing. What were they thinking when they approved that cover? Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has found the funny side of it all and embraced the memes that have taken over the web. Even TIME found the cover laughable in retrospect. Be sure to head over to Nerdist to see some of the best memes the world has to offer.

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