Weekly Round-Table: Golden Globes and Spider-Man 4

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The 2010 Golden Globes took place last night. And between Ricky Gervais camouflaging a mean bender as hosting duties and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s insistence on rewarding supervillain-esque megalomania over quality, there’s a lot to talk about.
So, that’s our subject on tonight’s Sound on Sight round table, during our Big Fan/The Headless Woman hour. Was Quentin Tarantino robbed? Does Avatar’s triumph over Precious mean the HFPA prefers playing video games to masturbating in their own tears? What the fuck is Crazy Heart?
We’re also going to be tackling the news that Spider-Man 4 has been cancelled in favour of rebooting the franchise with a younger star and probably chunks of dialogue lifted straight from Twilight.
But forget what we have to say about these subjects: we want to hear from you, our readers and listeners. Listen to the show, and drop us a line with your thoughts, either in the comments section below, or by emailing [email protected] .

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