Whedon reveals surprising fate of fan favourite Avengers character at NYCC

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For those hardcore fans of The Avengers with active twitter accounts, this story hasn’t been news for the last few hours.  But those of you less in the know, you might be interested to hear that the blogosphere has received the answers to its prayers.  Clark Gregg, who played the omnipresent fan favorite Agent Coulson in several Marvel movies and met his demise in The Avengers, made an unexpected appearance this Saturday at a New York Comic Con panel for Marvel TV to offer a special revelation that might not surprise many people but will likely please hundreds of hopefuls who have been clamoring for this on their facebooks, blogs, and twitters since the Joss Whedon-helmed blockbuster movie premiered. Agent Phil Coulson does indeed live.

Citing several internet-bred rumors and theories, Gregg teased the audience with talk about tesseracts, life model decoys, and other possibilities that could explain his character’s survival.  He even prompted a rowdy fit of applause from the audience in hopes of enacting a Tinkerbell-like resurrection for Coulson.  Right on cue, a prerecorded message from none other than mastermind Joss Whedon himself popped up on screen and folks heard the first official casting news to do with his recently announced S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, which deals with the fictional government agency that ties together all the Marvel movies and brought the superheroes together as a team in The Avengers.  The news was that, of course, Clark Gregg will headline the cast playing the presumed dead Agent Phil Coulson.  So fanboys and fangirls alike can breathe a sigh of relief.  And if you don’t believe, just go check your twitter feed.

– Kenneth Broadway

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