12 Types of Blue Jeans for Women

Check out this awesome chart illustrating the 12 different womens' jeans by various styles and cuts. This is the ultimate guide to jeans for women.
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group of women wearing blue jeans

In 2013, denim jeans turned 140 years old.  May 20, 1873 is widely considered the day blue jeans were invented.  They are still wildly popular; 450 million pairs are sold in the USA each year alone [source: CNN].

Since the invention, many different types of denim jeans have evolved.  Just as there are many different types of pants for women, there are many different types of jeans (including jean brands) for women.

However, not all cuts are in style at the same time.  Below, we set out the 10 main blue jean cuts and styles for women accompanied by real-world examples.  Above is our nifty chart.

Chart Setting Out Different Jean Styles for Women

Chart setting out types of womens' jeans

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of all the different cuts, check out real-world examples below plus a few tidbits of interesting info about the various styles.

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1. Straight Leg


Straight leg jeans cut for women

Straight leg jeans example for women

Straight cut jeans are a conservative cut that while not always the most stylish, isn’t necessarily out of style either.  It’s a classic cut.

What are straight leg jeans?

The pant leg is somewhat consistent width all the way down the leg.  Tighter on the thigh, slightly loose around the calf and ankle.

2. Slim Fit

Slim cut jeans for women

Slim Fit Jeans for women

What are slim fit jeans?

They’re cut to fit snuggly around your thighs and butt.  They loosen up a tad down the leg.  They should not be confused with a skinny cut, which maintains snug fit down the entire leg.

3. Skinny Cut

Skinny jeans for women

Skinny Jeans for women

What are skinny jeans?

While slim fit jeans are cut to the contour your butt and thighs, skinny jeans take it to the next level by being tight in butt, thighs and entire leg.  They’re essentially denim stretchy pants.  Both men and women wear this cut.  Yes, they can be comfortable these days with the invention of stretch denim.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend style baggy jeans for women

Boyfriend Jeans for women

What are boyfriend jeans?

They’re loose, comfortable lounging jeans without entirely throwing style to the wind.  They’re often a bit distressed, worn but have more give and room than skinny or slim-fit jeans.

5. Loose Fit

Loose cut jeans for women

Loose Baggy Jeans for women

The loose fit hangs down low on your waste and offers ample room in thighs.  The leg opening may narrow a bit.

6. Flared Cut

Flared cut jeans for women

Flared jeans for women

What is a flared cut jean?

It’s tight on thighs and butt but flares wide at the bottom.  The flare is more pronounced than the bootcut jean.  These were popular in the 1970’s and were referred to as bell bottoms.

7. Bootcut

Bootcut jeans style for women

Bootcut jeans for women

The bootcut jean has a practical application in that the bottom opening and calf area widens to accommodate boots.  The boot cut isn’t necessarily as tight around butt and thighs as the flared jean.

8. Wide Leg

Wide leg jeans for women

Wide leg jeans for women

The wide leg offers a wider cut leg from top to bottom.  They are wide at the thighs and bottom.

9. Distressed

Distressed style jeans for women

Distressed Slim Fit Jeans for women

Distressed jeans are not so much a cut as it’s referring to a style.  The style is a worn look, often including rips.

10. Mom Jeans

Mom jeans for women


Mom jeans

Wouldn’t you know it, the mom (and dad) jean is in style.  Amazing, right?  The name was as unflattering as the style.  Yet, ironically, now the mom jean is in style.  Go figure?  It’s a loose, unshapely jean cut worn for comfort.  Think dockers in denim.  The butt is high, the zipper / front loose, together creating an unflattering look… except style really is perception and if the high butt and loose front is stylish, it looks good, right?

11. Low Rise

Low rise jeans have a short rise and site low on the waist.  They can be a bootcut, straight leg, boyfriend or skinny jean.  The name applies to the rise only. Here’s an example:

Low Rise Slim Bootcut Jeans for women


12. High Rise

A high rise cut jean has an extra rise in the seat so the pant waist sits higher up.  They can be straight leg, skinny, slim fit, etc.  Here’s an example of high rise skinny jeans:

High Rise Skinny Jeans for women

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