First Footage of Upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Premieres, Praise Hera

DC and Warner Bros have several years worth of catching up to do with their Marvel competitors, who have a significant head start in the shared-universe superhero movies game. But DC, bless ’em, are going at it with both barrels, unleashing a new trailer for Suicide Squad as well as a first look at their in-production Wonder Woman movie during a recent TV special. The footage is intercut with interviews of stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins singing the characters’ praises and talking about the character and the project. So how does the footage look? Gray. Very, very gray. While Zac Snyder’s Batman vs Superman visuals are all about a kind of exaggerated, painterly flair and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad an almost pop-art style, Patty Jenkins looks to be bringing a grittier style to Wonder Woman, with an emphasis on muted colors. For depicting the dark days of WW1, it’s a good approach, and certainly helps Wonder Woman stand out from the pack. The clip also shows off some of the film’s action, which already looks dynamic and interesting from what little we see.

There’s no official synopsis for Wonder Woman yet, but you can check out the sneak peek below and let comic book writer and DC Cinematic Universe producer Geoff Johns and others give you a crash course in the character’s backstory.

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