‘World War Z’ and ‘This Is The End’ – Sound on Sight Podcast # 360


The apocalypse has never been more prominent. With vast cityscapes and countrysides being razed, blown up, or otherwise decimated in vast conflicts of every conceivable nature, why not tackle two new movies that present the end of life as we know it? First up is the long-awaited, long-gestating World War Z, in which Brad Pitt attempts to stave off parcour-loving zombie hordes; second is the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg action/horror/slapstick hybrid This Is the End, which takes a more openly Biblical tack. Special guest Daniel Carlson of Pajiba joins Ricky, Josh and Simon.



The Postmarks, “Theme From ‘Memoirs'”
The Futureheads, “Skip to the End”
The Geenhornes, “There Is An End”


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