Write for Us – Submit a Guest Post to Popoptiq

Thank you for your interest in writing for Popoptiq.com.


Our guest post guidelines are set out below:


We accept guest posts on the following topics:

  • Listicles (Top 10 richest, tallest, fastest, deepest, deadliest, etc.  Please be creative with interesting topics).
  • Entertainment:  Interesting lists pertaining movies, TV, sports, music, business, wealth.
  • History, science, feats, etc.  We publish entertaining and informative articles – the more creative, the better.

The write up should be interesting, include key facts, background, data, statistics and be well written.


Please get an image or YouTube video that fits each item in the list.

Article length:

Your article should be 1,500 to 3,000 words long in order to cover any particular topic well.  It should be unique and be on a topic not covered elsewhere.

IMPORTANT:  Please do excellent research and provide link attribution to all sources.

Outbound Links:

You can place one outbound dofollow link in the content to your site.  We do reserve the right to accept or reject the article based on the site.  The target site/url must be relevant and helpful.

Your article MUST also include 5 to 10 links to external websites that are additional resources and information relating to the topic you cover.  If you cite references for statistics, facts, data, etc. this will be no problem.

All links should open in a new tab.

Headings and Lists

Please use proper headings.  The title is a heading 1 tag.  The next heading is heading 2.  Sub-headings to heading 2 are heading 3 and so on.

Kindly break up the text and use plenty of headings as well as bullet lists when appropriate.

Delivery Format:

Kindly deliver your article as a Google Doc (i.e. docx.) via email (please fill in the form below to get into contact with me so that we get in touch and you have my email).

No Promotion:

Your content should be informational or entertaining, not promotional.

Affiliate links:

Please note that we may add affiliate links into the content and that any affiliate links you include will be switched to our affiliate links.

Subject to Approval/Copyright:

Please note that all articles you submit are subject to our approval.  Moreover, by submitting an article for publication on Popoptiq, you agree that copyright passes to Popoptiq.com.

How to Get Started

Simply fill in the contact form below.

When you contact us, please suggest 3 to 5 topics.  If we like one, we’ll tell you.  If not, we’ll suggest something else.

We look forward to working with you.