Wolverine is in ‘X-Men Apocalypse’, To The Surprise of No One

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse

Last week, I remarked that something about the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse just didn’t seem to be catching with me. It looks fine…..but really that’s all I can say. Well, apparently someone at Fox’s advertising department was listening, because the new, final trailer for Apocalypse has an ace up its sleeve. Oh, it’s not an interesting twist, some new story element we haven’t seen before, or anything so original. The new twist, ladies and gentlemen…..is Wolverine. The one guy who’s been in every single one of these movies, and who’s probably the only think keeping a substantial amount of people interested in the core X-Men franchise. And…..yay, I suppose. Look, there’s nothing wrong with Wolverine really, but is no one at all concerned that the X-Men film series seems to be so dependent on one single character? Hell, it isn’t even like Iron Man in the Marvel franchise, where he’s a major draw but one that several movies have done exceptionally well without. Fox seems almost terrified of the idea of doing an X-Men movie without Wolverine being featured in some way, as though the absence of one rugged Canadian murder-machine is all that will be required to bring the whole thing tumbling down around their ears. Eventually Hugh Jackman is gonna be too old to do this anymore….shouldn’t we be getting people ready for that day? Of course, Wolverine will probably only have a cameo in the film, but still, the fact that this entire trailer exists seemingly to promote that cameo seems a bit worrisome. At this point, an X-Men movie having 100% zero Wolverine would almost be a point in its favor, because it would show at least some level of confidence in everything else the X-Men mythos has to offer.

Because aside from the Wolverine reveal, this is mostly more of what we’ve already seen. The same shots of the X-Men vs the Four Horsemen in a grey battleground that could be the ruins of any major city on the planet, the same shots of monuments getting trashed that have become so fait accompli for blockbuster trailers that it’s essentially white noise by now. Why not a new look at those less-crappy costumes? That would have been nice.

Anyway, all my griping aside, you can see the final X-Men Apocalypse Featuring Some Wolverine We Promise trailer below.

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