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VOTD: Watch Disney’s ‘Frozen’ get the John Carpenter treatment in Claymation short

Frozen The Thing Mash up

What happens when you take the heartwarming characters of a beloved Disney film and repurpose them into one of those most paranoia filled scenes of a cult classic? You get this incredible best of both worlds animated short from Animator Lee Hardcastle , who recently posted this clip onto Youtube ...

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Fantasia 2014: ‘Kite’ is juvenile and hyper-stylized without reason


Kite is hyperbolic in every sense imaginable. It’s hyper-stylized without reason, hyper-violent, and incredibly stupid.

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Sketchy Episode 53 – ‘The PJs’

The PJs

Sketchy kicks off its February-Themed Black History Month with the short-lived Fox series “The PJs.” Join Nukem, Matthew and Kevin as they discuss the controvsersial, not-sure-if-racist humor of the Eddie Murphy voiced claymation cartoon. Enjoy! [powerpress]   Song Amy Winehouse Went to UMass (Pixies vs Moe Pope) by dj BC   ...

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Sketchy Episode 22 – ‘Gumby’

Matt and Ryan discuss Gumby and the various incarnations of his television past. They also do a special review of Mystery Science Theatre 3000’s take on the episode “Robot Rumpus” as well as the explicit YouTube video “Ghetto Gumby.” Then, friends of the show Kevin James and Kate Mac return ...

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Sketchy Episode 4 – ‘Mary and Max’

Mary and Max image

Sketchy is the cartoon podcast from Sound on Sight. This week Matt and Ryan discuss 2009’s Mary and Max, a claymation feature that examines the unlikely friendship between two outcasts. Enjoy! [powerpress] Listen on iTunes! Follow Sketchy! Twitter Facebook

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25 Days Of Christmas: Community and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Claymation Christmas Specials


Throughout the month of December, TV Editor Kate Kulzick and Film Editor Ricky D will review classic Christmas adaptions, posting a total of 13 each, one a day, until the 25th of December. The catch: They will swap roles as Rick will take on reviews of classic television Christmas specials ...

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Community Gets a Claymation Christmas Show

Community Christmas

If Sound on Sight has a resident favorite network sitcom, it’s likely NBC’s Community, a fast-paced, earnest, and self-reflexive ensemble comedy best enjoyed by pop-culture obsessives. In keeping with their tradition of high-concept episodes (“Modern Warfare,” “Epidemiology”), showrunner Dan Harmon recently announced that the December 7th episode would be a ...

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Sound On Sight Radio #168: Black Dynamite & House of the Devil

Part one of this week’s major housecleaning here at SOS concerns two retro throwbacks, and something decidedly different. Of the first sort, we have Ti West’s celebrated horror flick The House of the Devil, as well as Scott Sanders’ blaxploitation spoof / homage Black Dynamite. The odd one out is ...

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