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    New Projects: Benghazi, Jesse Owens, and ‘Hail, Caesar!’

    The terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi so consumed the media and Washington that it’s bound to make good fiction. There’s potential for an on-the-ground action thriller, Zero Dark Thirty style, there’s potential for a thorny, political drama surrounding the ensuing scandal, and one can even look at the conspiracy theorist angle. And […] More

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    Girls 3.11 “I Saw You” is Full of Interesting Plot Developments

    In “I Saw You”, the penultimate episode of Girls Season 3, writers Lena Dunham and Paul Simms manage to balance plot and characterization for Girls’ ensemble cast while commenting on the show’s overall themes. The episodes sheds light on the characters’ strength and weaknesses and exposes and accentuates the tension in their relationships. Adam (Adam Driver) is growing apart from Hannah (Lena Dunham) as his play gets closer to premiere and begins to bond with Ray (Alex Karpovsky). Marnie (Allison Williams) gets to meet one of her art heroes, the photographer Beadie (Louise Lasser) while preparing for a big open mic night with Adam’s cast-mate Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). Director Jesse Peretz uses timely scene transitions to show how the different “girls” rise and fall. “I Saw You” does a great job balancing the various characters’ plot lines while still having room for keen observations about them and several funny moment. More

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    ‘Rubberneck’: a thriller just short of terrific

    Rubberneck Written by Garth Donovan and Alex Karpovsky Directed by Alex Karpovsky USA, 2013 Lena Dunham isn’t the only filmmaker who also appears in front of the camera on the HBO series Girls. Alex Karpovsky (who plays Ray on the show) is a director in his own right, having directed the micro-indies The Hole Story […] More

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    ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, the newest feature from the Coen Brothers, releases its first trailer

    The Coen Brothers are acknowledged as two of the best working filmmakers by many. With a wide variety of well-regarded movies under their belt, from comedies such as The Big Lebowski to dramas such as No Country For Old Men, many anticipate their features regardless of the content. Their newest feature, titled Inside Llewyn Davis, […] More