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‘Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues’ #3 pays tribute to Ray Bradbury

Let me begin this review by saying mischief was most definitely afoot when the review copy of Galaxy Quest #3 was sent to me. Imagine my surprise when I finally opened up my review copy and failed to see the familiar Galaxy Quest crew, but instead met Abbey and her best friend Cate. I waited for a Thermian to pop up or for Brandon to stumble into a panel, but nothing happened. After a little digging, I discovered the truth behind this deviation from the main story. So while we will not be discussing what happens after Jason and the crew manage to land on Dryth, we will be looking at the comic I was sent because that’s how I roll. I hope everyone had a merry April Fool’s Day. Oh, and IDW, I’ve got my eye on you.

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Holiday Horror films

Over the last thirty years, moviegoers have endured countless films that carry the tag “slasher” – nearly all of them being direct descendants of two classic horror films, Bob Clark’s “Black Christmas” (1974) and John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” Since then, they’ve become an efficient source for studios to make quick cash, as they’re inexpensive to make …

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