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    Watch Sesame Street’s ‘The Hungry Games: Catching Fur’

    I just posted a list of twelve great movies that I think are essential viewing for fans of The Hunger Games. Now, after watching Sesame Street‘s Hunger Games parody The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, I could easily squeeze this in as a special mention. Watch the video after the jump. Enjoy! Cookieness Evereat is back […] More

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    Essential Viewing for Fans of ‘The Hunger Games’: Part Four

    10. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Directed by Sydney Pollack Written by James Poe and Robert E. Thompson USA, 1969 They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? is a wildly acclaimed 1969 American drama directed by Sydney Pollack that went on to receive nine Academy Award nominations. Like most of the films to appear on this list, […] More

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    Essential Viewing for Fans of ‘The Hunger Games’: Part Two

    4. The Running Man Directed by Paul Michael Glaser Written by Steven E. de Souza USA, 1987 Directed by former Starsky and Hutch star Paul Michael Glaser, this post-apocalyptic science fiction yarn starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is without a doubt the most mainstream film to appear on this list. Much like The Hunger Games, The Running Man […] More

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    Essential Viewing for Fans of ‘The Hunger Games’: Part One

    Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games book series has often been compared with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels, primarily because both center on a young female protagonist and has become phenomenons for their shared young-adult demo. This is arguably an insult to the novel and the big-screen adaptations since The Hunger Games is leagues above Twilight in artistic credibility. […] More