You expect a bit more from ‘Unexpected’

It’s hard to be mad at director Kris Swanberg’s leisurely stroll towards motherhood, but it’s also hard to recommend to those outside the target demographic. Observant, low-key, and, ultimately, benign, ‘Unexpected’ coasts by on goodwill and charm, when it could have tackled so much more.

‘Adult Beginners’ can’t deliver laughs or on its premise

Narcissistic entrepreneur Jake (Nick Kroll) has the world thoroughly in his grasp; his company’s next product launch is in days and he can smell the proverbial success everywhere around him. Jake fancies himself the next Steve Jobs-type king of industry, but the truth is he offers very little in the way of skill, expertise or even human decency. If this were an Oliver Stone film Jake would cash in despite his undeserved arrogance, but this isn’t one of those movies.

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