Edgar Allan Poe

‘Providence’ #2 offers horror lit fans the stuff of dreams

Providence #2 continues the cycle of using a pastiche of Howard Phillips to comment upon the man’s works, and then turning around and using a pastiche of his works to comment upon Howard Phillips, the man. It’s literate and it’s dense, but it knows how to tell a classic horror story, as well. Burrows draws a damn horrible monster, and Moore knows how to indulge a horror cliché — here the “you must have bumped your head and imagined some monsters!” — to masterful effect. Providence #2 keeps the series in its place as one of the best new titles of 2015, and is putting up a good fight for some of the best stuff of its creators careers — it’s just that good.

Fantastic Fest 2013: High-concept ‘Eega’ a delightful and wild genre cocktail

“Sure, if you want to do it the easy way,” Gonzo retorts to Fozzie Bear in an early scene in 1979’s The Muppet Movie, when the latter suggests that going to Bombay, India isn’t the smartest avenue to being a big movie star. India is home to, Fozzie’s scoffing aside, a massively profitable film industry that may seem foreign to many people in North America.

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