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    ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ a reaffirmation of old-fashioned stardom

    Movie stars, as we know them, are not so much dead in 2013 as much as they’re no longer making movies. Celebrity has stretched far beyond film or television; people become famous now without having accomplished much of anything, just for being at the right place at the right time, or tweeting out the right scandalous photo to set afire the comments sections at TMZ or Perez Hilton. Though movies cost more than they used to—both to make and to partake—they are less frequently headlined by a man or woman whose very presence ensures bankability. A handful of movie stars remain, yet even someone like Robert Downey, Jr. can only guarantee a movie will make back its profit and then some when he’s donned his Iron Man suit. More

  • The Man With the Golden Arm

    Classic Directors – Otto Preminger

    In our second Classic Directors podcast, Derek, Justine and Simon take a look at the life and work of the prolific Otto Preminger, whose work often defied genre while touching on hot-button issues in a generally unforced manner. He first became known for 1944’s classic noir Laura, but his career spanned decades and was littered […] More

  • News: Frank Sinatra biopic, IMAX scandal and Terminator script trouble.

    Christian Bale demanded rewrite work be done on “Terminator: Salvation” before he took the role of John Connor, a role he insisted on rather than the character the filmmakers had in mind– “…central character Marcus Wright…at a Toronto press conference in January, he (director McG) said, “I went to see him… He reads the script […] More