Greg Kinnear

Battlefield Surgery – Three Wounded War Movies

Much like what it portrays, with the war movie there is always a thin line between success and failure. There will always be those that fail to hit the target when victory was so surely within reach. Intention is undermined by incompetence.


Phoenix Film Festival: ‘Stuck in Love’ a low-key romantic dramedy content to be generic

Life would be so much easier if it played out as it does in wish-fulfillment fantasies like Stuck in Love, but because life is difficult, it makes this film feel especially alien. This is a cookie-cutter world, where all the houses are expansive, open, clean, and have a hell of a view; where the only conflicts arise are those that get resolved without much in the way of obstacles; and where all of the participants are attractive and well-dressed enough that they may as well be modeling for the Sears catalog. Stuck in Love is, if nothing else, well-cast, but it’s so aggressively low-key that it never makes much of an impact.

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