I Vitelloni

New on Video: ‘Fellini’s Casanova’

Fellini’s Casanova boasts an assortment of people, locations, and entire sequences that are created and realized in a way that can only be called “Felliniesque.” Clich├ęd though it may be, there is simply no other adequate description.

New on Video: ‘My Winnipeg’

Through a series of staged reenactments from his life and from the city’s past, juxtaposed with anecdotes and trivia of varying degrees of believability, Maddin creates a hilarious, haunting, and kaleidoscopic survey of 100 years of Winnipeg, and how he relates to it all.

New on Video: ‘I vinti’

In 1953, Michelangelo Antonioni directed the episodic I vinti (The Vanquished), quite possibly the least “Antonioni-esque” feature he ever made … nevertheless a fascinating examination of this “burnt out generation.”

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