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‘Airboy’ #1 another significant achievement for Image Comics

Airboy, no matter how you slice it, it an utterly unique comic. When I first got ahold of it, I had no idea what I was getting into. The title sounded like some kind of fantasy adventure comic, Amy Reeder’s Rocket Girl for boys, maybe. If writer James Robinson (“The Starman Guy”) had played it straight, that might just be what we’d have ended up with. Instead, what we got was either an alarmingly frank portrait of Robinson bent on self destruction, a send up of self-serious autobiographical comics, or a speedball of both.

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‘Fantastic Four’ #642 is a mixed bag

Fantastic Four #642 Written by James Robinson Pencilled by Leonard Kirk Inked by Karl Kesel Colored by Jesus Aburtov Published by Marvel Comics Fantastic Four #642 does some things very well, like depicting action scenes, actually doing something with the much maligned Heroes Reborn Universe, or having a couple third act plot twists. However, most of the story is rooted …

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Gaze into the stars in ‘All-New Invaders’ #13

All-New Invaders #13 Written by James Robinson Art by Steve Pugh Published by Marvel Comics With James Robinson’s focus on assembling the modern roster of the Golden Age team, the Invaders, issue #13 comes off rather strange. Simply, it’s an entire issue with mostly dialogue between supporting characters of the series. It’s not bad as …

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