Jane the Virgin

Jane The Virgin Season 2 Premiere Gina Rodriguez

Jane the Virgin, Ep. 2.01, “Chapter Twenty-Three”

Season two of Jane the Virgin has brought about a lot of changes for the show, but what’s clearest in “Chapter Twenty-Three” is that creator Jennie Snyder Urman and her team know exactly who these characters are, and how they relate to one another and the world that Jane the Virgin has created.

Jane the Virgin, Ep. 1.14 to 1.18 turns the focus to character relationships

While the plot hasn’t suffered, the recent run of Jane the Virgin has turned the attention mainly on how the characters relate to each other, whether it’s seemingly unconnected people like Rogelio and Michael or duos with a bitter history like Rafael and Petra, and the show has benefited from it.

The Best TV Episodes of 2014, Part 5

After four seasons of deliberately paced, character-based storytelling, Boardwalk Empire wasn’t going to change its approach in its final truncated season. Instead of introducing new intrigues or foes, the series used much of its time to reflect on the paths that brought Nucky and the other main characters to this point and to say an extended goodbye to the people and world of the show.

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