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‘Midnighter’ #5 concludes the Grayson team-up with wit and violence

Steve Orlando, Stephen Mooney, and colorists Romulo Fajardo and Jeromy Cox are in fine form in Midnighter #5 bringing the witty one-liners and ultraviolence that has become this series’ formula while adding some extra moral dilemmas and eccentricity thanks to our special guest star Dick Grayson. However, everything isn’t fun and games as the issue’s final page cliffhanger hits Midnighter in what his closest equivalent to happy place and adds another layer of mystery to the proceedings.

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‘JLA’ #1 is an Average Comic with Great Art

JLA #1 is another feather in Bryan Hitch’s artistic cap as he excels at showing superheroes in action along with labs, helicopters, explosions, and even a decent flirty interaction between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. However, his plot maybe suffers from some hypercompression as ideas, threats, and allies are introduced at a rapid pace without proper establishment. There are also a few story logic issues, The Flash and Green Lantern are written interchangeably, and Cyborg is kind of treated as deus ex machina. These misfires make JLA #1 an average comic with great art.

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‘Grayson’ #1 is a Successful First Mission

After the Crime Syndicate exposed his identity in Forever Evil, Dick Grayson is now a top secret super spy for the Spyral organization. This organization first appeared in Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc and exists to hunt down errant metahumans. Writer Tim Seeley and co-plotter Tom King revive this concept to give Dick Grayson something to do in an universe that unfortunately knows his secret identity.

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