Joan Bennett

‘The Woman in the Window’ is another addition to the pile of Fritz Lang’s great American studio films

The Woman in the Window can be added to the catalogue of splendid American films Fritz Lang directed during his state side career. It incrementally raises the stakes in logical fashion, tightening tension’s noose on the protagonists and the viewer until…well, it would be unwise to reveal the outcome. While not as emotionally devastating as his next film Scarlet Street, The Woman in the Window is still a must see for Lang fans.

‘Scarlet Street’ is a devastating tale of how nice guys finish last

Director Lang always knew how to equip himself with the right cast, Scarlet Street offering a slew of effective and in one case affectionate performances, starting with none other than Edward G. Robinson. Predominantly known for his boisterous roles, Robinson looks and behaves like a shadow of his usual self. Chris may have a big heart, but he is also meek and pathetic.

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