Jon Lovitz

‘I Am Chris Farley’ is earnest, flawed tribute to comedy legend

Brent Hodge and Derik Murray’s new documentary, ‘I Am Chris Farley,’ tries to illuminate the comedian’s meteoric rise and fall, as well as to understand his delicate psyche. Mostly, it’s another chance to re-live some of Farley’s best bits, which is just enough to recommend this otherwise disappointing chat-fest.

Tuesday Comedy Roundup: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.05, The Goldbergs 1.04, New Girl 3.05, The Mindy Project 2.05

This week Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to establish its footing and provides entertainment for audiences through its silly nature. The opening out of context scenes continue to deliver as they grow more ridiculous each week. “The Vulture” is a strong episode for a number of different reasons, the most important being the way it utilises all of the characters. Another reason this episode is so entertaining is its strong use of character development throughout. Each week Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to focus on the lessons Jake is discovering and this week he learns the importance of teamwork. This is something that can be seen in a number of work-based sitcoms but Brooklyn Nine-Nine does a good job of constructing it uniquely and creatively.

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