Jorge Corona

‘We Are Robin’ #6 proves Robins are for kids

We Are Robin is one of DC Comics’ more off the beaten path titles given its place in the wider DCU, but that doesn’t knock the impact of the comic because it’s earned the spot of showing how real teens in a world of super powers can take the right to fight for their city into their phones and with each other. DC editorial is doing great work with the “lower-tier” Batman related titles and giving them their own crossover to play with in the form of “Robin War” next month proves even the little guy can make a big splash.

‘Bravest Warriors: Tales from the Holo John’ explores the weird side of this universe

One of the mainstays of the Bravest Warriors comics and cartoons is the Holo-John. It’s a private room in the Bravest Warriors’ hideout where you can enjoy a fun simulation of your choosing while going to the bathroom. It’s like the Holodeck in Star Trek: TNG’s immature, yet creative cousin. Bravest Warriors: Tales from the Holo John is a special one-shot set entirely in this wonderful little room and shows its storytelling potential. The stories have their funny moments, bizarre bits (I will never unsee Mad Rupert’s drawing of Wallow in his undies.), and the best ones explore the relationship between the Bravest Warriors and various characters, including Beth’s dad, Pickle Chips, and the Holo John himself in a more metaphysical tale from Ryan Ferrier (D4VE) and Jorge Corona (Goners).

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