Keanu Reeves

‘John Wick’ announces that Keanu Reeves is definitely back

Despite its shortcomings, there is fun to be had with Keanu Reeves making his sudden comeback to the action genre (he recently co-starred in the martial arts flick Man of Tai Chi). He actually seems to be getting better with age. The actor who has so often been mocked for his relatively wooden acting is turning out to be a rather interesting leading man in modestly budgeted action movies.

‘Man of Tai Chi’ energizes viewers through its visuals, not its cluttered story

Keanu Reeves is a Hollywood name that has been around for much longer than most realize. Believe it or not, his breakout role in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure dates back to 1989, a shocking 26 years ago. He witnessed his star rise to soaring heights during the 1990s and early 2000s, especially when the massively successful Matrix films were released.

’21 Years: Richard Linklater’ is more entertaining than must-see

Most filmgoers don’t know Richard Linklater’s name but his effect has been felt through the American independent film scene since the debut of Slacker in 1991. For the star-studded cast of commenters sitting down for some insights into Linklater, it’s hard to imagine a world without him. He is the unicorn who managed to build an entire career of passion projects that most filmmakers never get to, or let toil in production hell.

‘John Wick’ kicks butt

John Wick is a beautiful ballet of death and destruction. It combines the brutal hand-to-hand combat of Jason Bourne with Ridley Scott’s visual sensibilities to create the perfect vehicle for Keanu Reeves. Here, Reeves struts his physicality and underrated comic timing to ratchet up the fun while he amasses a huge body count. It’s an ultra-slick, violence-worshipping extravaganza that will have you eating from the palm of its bloodstained hand.

How To Fix The Matrix Sequels Pt. 2: Revolutions

Even before it saw the light of day, The Matrix Revolutions was let down by being positioned atop the most diminutive of pedestals. It is a film that was destined to be an overwhelmingly epic endgame but failed to fulfill itself, badly in need of ironing out.

How To Fix The Matrix Sequels Pt. 1: Reloaded

There was a withering backlash against The Matrix Sequels that still exists to this day. Watching them will reveal that criticisms made in retrospect are symptoms of a bigger problem: Reloaded and Revolutions are damned by avoidable narrative problems

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