Kevin McKidd

‘Dog Soldiers’ is a horror-action mashup made in heaven

Dog Soldiers is a bit along the lines of Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead (2004) insofar as its story is drenched in horror aesthetic, yet the film itself is not as frightening as its premise suggests. In Wright’s film, the comedy and love story are just as important if not more so than the looming zombie apocalypse. In the case of Dog Soldiers, the action and terrific camaraderie between the soldiers truly anchors the picture, all the while reminding the audience that the occurrences themselves are indeed horrific.

Television that Home Video Forgot: Journeyman (2007)

The popularity of Journeyman has remained with the level of cult appraisal and is often remembered favorably as featured in Cancelled Too Soon panels as recent as this year’s Season Four: ATX Television Festival.

Rome pilot

Greatest TV Pilots: Rome, “The Stolen Eagle” – The Original Game of Thrones

We have Band of Brothers to thank for Rome. The success of that collaboration between the BBC and HBO cemented the partnership which made the show possible. It helped that the HBO bosses at the time were fans of I Claudius – the BBC produced series based on Robert Graves’ books, which established the crowd-pleasing potential of the period by leavening the dull history bits with the spectacle of John Hurt as Caligula exercising his god-fantasies by getting his sister pregnant and snacking on her unborn child.

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