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  • Screencap from the pilot of Rome with Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd

    The Televerse #105- Rome with Gabe Bucsko

    It’s a light week in TV this time, with many shows taking the Labor Day weekend off. There are several comedies to preview, though, and big developments on several dramas, giving us plenty to talk about on the podcast. First we preview the premieres of Brickleberry, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, and Last […] More

  • Rome pilot

    Greatest TV Pilots: Rome, “The Stolen Eagle” – The Original Game of Thrones

    We have Band of Brothers to thank for Rome. The success of that collaboration between the BBC and HBO cemented the partnership which made the show possible. It helped that the HBO bosses at the time were fans of I Claudius – the BBC produced series based on Robert Graves’ books, which established the crowd-pleasing potential of the period by leavening the dull history bits with the spectacle of John Hurt as Caligula exercising his god-fantasies by getting his sister pregnant and snacking on her unborn child. More