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    Video: The Films of Sofia Coppola

    As a member of a filmmaking dynasty that included such heavy-hitters as father Francis Ford Coppola, cousin Nicolas Cage and various other Hollywood luminaries, writer-director Sofia Coppola parlayed her industry clout into acting, modeling and fashion design before becoming an Academy Award-winning filmmaker. Now, Cornelis van Dijkhuizen jr. has edited together a montage celebrating her […] More

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    All dressed up: why clothes mean business in the movies

    For some moviegoers a revealing moment always has to involve people taking off their clothes. In fact, they only want to watch the kind of films that involve the rapid shedding of any and all garments, followed by pretty much wall-to-wall nakedness. Plot, dialogue and artistic considerations are all of minor importance. Well, I’ll admit […] More

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    The 100 Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 (part 6)

    Before I get to number 49 I feel the need to list fifty honorable mentions. This is a very personal list and I am confident that I could have easily chosen 100 foreign language films or 100 independent art house films and skipped out on all the Hollywood flicks, but I decided to go with […] More