Marilyn Monroe

New on Video: ‘Kiss Me, Stupid’

Kiss Me, Stupid is an enjoyable movie, a crude farce with several laughs and worthwhile performances. If it doesn’t live up to some of Billy Wilder’s finer moments, it’s his own fault. Few directors have set their own bar so incredibly high.

‘Niagara’ is where Marilyn Monroe goes to be a bad, bad girl

Marilyn Monroe’s legacy in popular culture and film varies greatly depending on whom one asks. For some, her photo shoots and the unforgettably attractive looks advertised through them meant she was, and for some, still is, the epitome of sex appeal. For others, her roles in films like Some Like It Hot or The Seven Year Itch painted her image as a great leading lady in romantic comedies and, in the case of the former, somewhat of a ditsy dame.


Smash, Ep.2.09: “The Parents” Goodbye Tuesday Nights

For Smash though it seems immensely easy to tell what’s going to happen next. From last week’s previews we got a sense that Ivy wouldn’t get along with her mother (and why should she? Bombshell is Ivy’s moment, her mother has had her chances) and Karen’s father is going to question what Karen is doing with her life since she left Bombshell.

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