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The Girls Get High on Their Own Supply in ‘Nutmeg’ #5

Nutmeg #5 shake things up as Poppy and Cassia sample the effect their brownie has on their fellow students and human beings firsthand, which brings out some dark feelings in Cassia and leads to the continued expansion of their criminal empire. Writer James Wright handles the main “rise of a criminal kingpin” plot while also continuing to flesh out the supporting cast as Marjorie becomes a likable figure in this issue as she tries to cheer up Saffron while also chasing her own dreams as an artist. Artist Jackie Crofts and colorist Josh Eckert turn in some of their most eye popping visuals making the brownies look mouth watering with a rich brown color and heavy line work to go with the sketchier figures. Plus there’s a bonus essay about how Wright was inspired by the hilarious Comedy Central Broad City to focus on female friendships in Nutmeg and an adorable Ilana and Abbi pinup from Josh Eckert that’s the icing on this tasty, layered brownie of this female fronted crime/detective comic set in picturesque Southern California.

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Brownie Bakers Break Bad in ‘Nutmeg’ #4

Nutmeg #4 is a fun and refreshing comic because it shows that not just chain smoking, middle aged white men can be detectives and criminal masterminds. Jackie Crofts’ art is light and upbeat, and James Wright’s writing is clever in both plot and dialogue while continuing to develop the key relationship between the two outsiders turned culinary crime kingpins, Poppy and Cassia. (The spice puns will never not be funny.)

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NonCompliant #6 “Sabrina vs. Predator”

Katy Rex returns to NonCompliant as we discuss the new horror tinged take on Sabrina, the surprising feminist themes of Archie vs. Predator, the latest issue of female fronted Thor, and the all ages indie slice of life comic Nutmeg. Plus a couple of PSAs about the University of Mary Washington Divest arrests and Day of Silence and a very special puppy cameo.

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