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    Top 10 Movie Beach Scenes

    1. Jaws We almost never lose site of the beach and the ocean in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 timeless film Jaws – over someone’s shoulder, outside the window, just beyond the swing set in the back yard, the threat of the great white is ever present. Far from their home in the Big Apple, Amity Island’s […] More

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    Cinema’s Greatest Villains: The 1990’s

    Villains have always been and will always be some of the most fascinating and memorable characters in the world of genre film.  Here we will take a look at the greatest villains of cinema from the 1990’s. The criteria for this article is the same as in my previous articles Cinema’s Greatest Villains: The 1970’s […] More

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    Keanu Reeves is a Queer Superhero

    Recently, the intrepid co-hosts of Sound on Sight radio asked me to help host a podcast devoted to Keanu Reeves. I had been hoping for a long time that they would have just such a podcast, and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain a little bit more about why I find Reeves to […] More

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    Keanu Reeves: Eyes Wide Open

    For an actor so enigmatically blessed with sensitive leading man looks, Keanu Reeves has an uncanny dexterity within the action genre. Hampered by the effortlessness of his airhead turn as Ted in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Reeves spent years shedding his pretty boy persona in more arthouse and mainstream dramatic fare, only to find it right […] More

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    ‘Point Break’, smart, funny, cool and daring

    Point Break Written by W. Peter Iliff Directed by Kathryn Bigelow USA, 1991 Here’s the thing about Point Break, it’s not nearly as bad as you might have heard. For all of its ridiculous qualities like the presidential masks, a climax that involves skydiving, and Keanu Reeves playing a former college football star turned FBI […] More

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    Great Films Directed by Women Pt. 1

    Not too long ago I asked the Sound On Sight staff to choose their ten favourite films of all time. The result led to mixed reactions (both by staff and readers), and some angry feedback. But how could any of us select only ten films from the thousands we’ve seen and walk away happy with […] More

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    Guerilla Filmmaking

    Blockbuster – the one-time giant in the home video rental business which went bankrupt last September – was bought at auction this past week by Dish Network for $320 million.  According to Dish, it intends to combine its wireless technology with Blockbuster’s brand name recognition, studio relationships and digital rights to re-establish Blockbuster as a player in […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #151 – Kathryn Bigelow

    Hailed as one of the preeminent stylists of contemporary Hollywood filmmaking, Kathryn Bigelow was often too easily pigeonholed as a female director with a flair for traditionally masculine movies. After making an unusual entrance to cinema by way of the art world, Bigelow put her distinctive stamp on standard genre films like the Western-twinged vampire […] More