Ray McKinnon

Rectify, Ep. 3.06, “The Source”

The definitive image of Rectify’s tremendous third season finale “The Source” comes almost as an afterthought; while walking to his mother’s car outside Amantha’s house, Daniel looks forward, put his arms in the air, and takes a leap off the sidewalk onto the asphalt of the parking lot.

Why You Should Be Watching: Rectify

There are plenty of television shows in 2014 with the ability to amaze an audience, surprising them with bold stories, impressing them with elaborate visuals, or engaging them by drawing parallels to our own world and lives. Many of these shows rank among the best on television, regularly analyzed by critics for their ability to blend cinematic elements, symbolic metaphors, and poignant dissections of life, that blend of intelligent and entertaining that’s hard to find at the box office in this day and age of loud tent poles and cliche, overwrought ‘indie’ films.

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