Richard Franklin

Richard Franklin as Third Doctor Companion Mike Yates

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Mike Yates

Capt. Yates is likable and charming. He has somewhat of a potential for romance with Jo, but little comes of this on the series. He’s an able officer and his eventual complicity in a scheme to return the world to the time of the dinosaurs (due to concerns over the planet’s health) comes as a complete shock. This is one of the most effective twists in the classic series, demonstrating Mike’s determination (however misguided in this instance) to save lives and fight for the common good.

100 + Greatest Horror Movies (Pt. 2): 124-101

Throughout the month of October, Editor-in-Chief and resident Horror expert Ricky D, will be posting a list of his favorite Horror films of all time. The list will be posted in six parts. Click here to see every entry.

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