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The 10 Best Tom Cruise Movies

Like most talented performers who’ve doubled as quintessential movie stars, Tom Cruise doesn’t always get the chance to demonstrate that he can actually act. There’s often just too much TOM CRUISE in the way for people to notice, especially when he lets his erratic personal life take center stage. Putting together an “essential” list for …

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Tom Cruise, actor, filmmaker and professional stunt man

Tom Cruise has come a very long way since his screen debut in Franc Zeffirelli’s Endless Love (1981). Thirty six movies and a whole lot of stardom later and he’s still the biggest movie star on the planet. He is perhaps, also the biggest film star in movie history. You’d be hard pushed to offer up …

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Tom Cruise: A Retrospective

Anyone growing into pop culture consciousness during the mid-2000s will be familiar with a certain type of Tom Cruise, one labeled with some criticism in a recent Buzzfeed article as “Tom Cruise 2.0.” To them, Tom Cruise may have first become familiar as Ethan Hunt in the first Mission: Impossible movie, as an action star who, in spite of fearful insurance agents and publicists, prefers to do his own stunts—especially if they include declaring maniacal love for Katie Holmes atop Oprah Winfrey’s couch. He was probably their first introduction to the alien world of Scientology, or perhaps already known as the face of another hero thrust into the supernatural, having once served as the model for the titular character in Disney’s Aladdin.

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Script Matters: ‘Risky Business’ – Creating the Teen Sex Noir

  Genre mash-ups may be commonplace these days, but it took a mad genius to even consider combining film-noir and teen sex comedy back in 1983.  Paul Brickman’s wildly successful experiment, Risky Business, not only launched the career of Tom Cruise, it set a new benchmark for substantive sex comedies.  Here, we had an observant …

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