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    ‘Top Five’ delivers raunchy, heartfelt laughs

    Top Five Written & Directed by Chris Rock USA, 2014   Chris Rock’s new tour de force, Top Five, is so cleverly written that you don’t even realize it’s a romantic-comedy until the deed is nearly done.  By that point, even the coldest, most cynical man is powerless to resist its charms.  Smart, nasty and […] More

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    TIFF 14: ‘Top Five’ is one of the best comedies in years

    Chris Rock has always been one of the most invigorating presences in the comedy scene. His comedy is confrontational, biting and hilarious. Up until this point, his foray into filmmaking has rarely matched his unique and vibrant talents, and while there are certainly exceptions, on-screen Chris Rock has usually been reduced to a much tamer and often much less funny version of himself. With Top Five, however, the gears seems to shift. Chris Rock not only shows off why he is one of the funniest people alive, but applies his humour to a surprisingly daring narrative about the value of laughter and the struggle of being an artist. The film also works as a wonderful meta-textual narrative on the state of the current Hollywood system, as well as a touching romance. More

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    Cannes 2014: Atom Egoyan’s ‘The Captive’ a sour play-by-the-numbers investigation thriller

    Atom Egoyan’s The Captive pits Ryan Reynolds as a blue collar vigilante in an investigatory drama of pedophiles and police-work. However, while its central themes seem reminiscent of the recent Prisoners, its execution is regrettably drawn from cartoons, Lifetime schlock, and the worst traits of primetime detective shows. Following an increasing number of recent failings for the Canadian director, The Captive sets itself up for a return to the form of his heartfelt mid-90s melodrama The Sweet Hereafter, but thanks to the exacerbated direction and faux-camp spirit, it evokes hardly any reaction other than groans and pity-guffaws. More

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    ‘The Captive,’ the latest feature from Atom Egoyan, releases its first trailer

    Could this be a return to form for Atom Egoyan? Following the announcement of its official selection for this year’s Cannes film festival, the first trailer for Egoyan’s The Captive is online, and it looks like a tense, psychological thriller. Since hitting his stride in the 90s with a series of multi-faceted, insightful dramas—Speaking Parts, […] More

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    ‘Trance’ an overheated, ridiculous yet never dull psychological thriller

    Danny Boyle has yet to make a dull movie, but that appears to be the only consistency he’s concerned with. His new film Trance is as amped up, jittery, and stylistically charged as Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, and the rest of his filmography, but the story holds up to barely the most minor scrutiny. Trance’s inconsistencies go well beyond its script, all the way down to the various flourishes Boyle employs throughout the film, tossing them out as he deems them useless. More

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