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    Homeland, Ep. 3.08: “A Red Wheelbarrow” – End of Phase Two

    Officially two-thirds through its current season, Homeland is pretty much back to where it was before a spiraling second season finish: some great espionage and character beats here and there, some questionable plotlines on the table and a whole lot of confidence that the story it is telling is something viewers are invested in seeing unfold. Of course, some viewers are not interested. Others have checked out completely. But for those who took the third episode from this season, “Tower of David,” with restrained optimism, maybe things are on the right track to getting paid off. It’s less of a stretch to convince us that Brody still belongs on this show than, say, to convince us that The Governor still belongs on The Walking Dead. And even though neither is particularly convincing given that each series can stand up without these characters, it’s at least interesting to see how Brody is being reintegrated and why. When Saul comes face-to-face with the man at the end of “A Red Wheelbarrow,” it’s less shocking and/or affecting than it probably should be. That said, the scene works on the level that Saul is owning up to his conceived mistakes and putting Carrie through hell, which adds more color to Saul in a season that has revolved around him. More

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    Elementary Ep.1.23/24: “The Woman”/”Heroine” – truths revealed as Holmes goes against Moriarty

    Elementary, Season 1, Episode 23: “The Woman” Directed by Seith Mann Written by Robert Doherty and Craig Sweeny Elementary, Season 1, Episode 24: “Heroine” Directed by John Polson Written by Robert Doherty and Craig Sweeny For what seems like many months, fans of Elementary have waited with baited breath for this finale.  After being endlessly […] More