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    Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #36: Marvel Phase 3

    There’s much to discuss after last weeks unexpected, announcement-heavy press/fan conference put on by Marvel Entertainment to announce Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).There’s so much to talk about that we’ve invited Bryan White of Cinema Suicide on to break it all down with us. From Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, Black […] More

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    Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #35: New York Comic Con 2014

    We’re back from this years New York Comic Con, the biggest mass media and geek culture conglomeration on the East Coast. We have a lot to talk about, from the Birdman panel with Michael Keaton and Edward Norton and Batman’s 75th Anniversary panel to the Occulus Rift, the new Daredevil series and more. Cons can […] More

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    Star Trek, Star Wars & Avatar; Putting Sci-Fi Into Darkness

    In almost everything, there is subtext, intentional or not. In the ‘not’ category is the significant black cloud coming with the silver lining of three massive developments in movieland this year. Firstly, after months of feverish speculation, J.J. Abrams was chosen as the man to helm the return of Star Wars to the big screen; he confirmed his worthiness for the role with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, a mega-hit blockbuster action adventure putting the highly rated Star Trek 2009 into the shadows; almost in an attempt to draw attention away from Disney and Spielberg’s protégé, James Cameron announced that the most successful film of all time, his film Avatar, would indeed have the three sequels he had long discussed, thankfully with different screen writers covering the wordy bits. Cue much jubilation from fandom; the silver lining. The malignant black cloud, the subtext, was the continued throes of the science-fiction genre as it is starved to death. More