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BioShock’s Uncertain Future

For a publically traded company that is “dependent on the future success of [their] Grand Theft Auto products”, it takes an unwavering amount of confidence and respect in RockStar to allow a 5-year development cycle for GTA V. Take-Two Interactive is dependent on this franchise to survive and yet, unlike the majority of AAA publishers, is uninterested in exploiting its cash cow. The company doesn’t publish quick cash-in games like Activision, cut corners like Ubisoft, or chase the mobile and FPS money train like Electronic Arts. Their strategy is a humble one: create few, but high quality video games. It’s right there in their 2014 Annual Report:

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Viewing the West as an Outsider in ‘Red Dead Redemption’

I’ve got to be honest, I’m a sucker for westerns. The lone cowboy and his trusty horse roaming the open and untamed land is admittedly romantic, but I also find it incredibly thrilling. A time filled with endless possibilities and complex stories that go beyond the good guy/bad guy dynamic. After all, the good guys don’t always have to wear white.

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