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‘Grabbers’ Movie Review – a slight and impermanent genre affair

Grabbers Directed by Jon Wright Written by Kevin Lehane Ireland, 2012 For a movie about aliens, Grabbers feels all-too-familiar. Reaching as far back as Ridley Scott’s Alien, Grabbers is a perfectly serviceable and well-cultivated collection of creature features, but, despite its earnest convictions, it lacks a certain novelty to garner any postmortem traction. The movie …

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‘The Guard’ Movie Review

The Guard Written and directed by John Michael McDonagh 2011, Ireland Talent is said to run in families. This certainly seems to be the case in the McDonagh family. Martin McDonagh’s 2008 ultra-black and extremely raunchy comedy In Bruges was an unlikely success. Now his brother, John Martin McDonagh, has written and directed his own …

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