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Human vs. Alien Films: The Must-Sees

Humankind’s collision with otherworldly life forms can make for unforgettable cinema. This article will highlight the best of live-action human vs. alien films.  The creatures may be from other planets or may be non-demonic entities from other dimensions. Excluded from consideration were giant monster films as the diakaiju genre would make a great subject for …

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Alien Invasion Month: ‘THEM!’

In that filled-to-bursting canon of 1950s science fiction cinema, movies range from true film classics – like the Hawksian The Thing from Another World (1951), and that alarm bell about human desensitization, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) – to cheapie craptasmagoriums like Beginning of the End (1957 – giant grasshoppers crawling over photographs of downtown Chicago), and It Conquered the World (1956 – “It” being an alien that looks like a devil-faced carrot with lobster claws). I

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Move over, ‘Total Recall’: 10 more remakes you’ll want to avoid

Whether you measure your movies by box office, reviews, or popular appeal, Sony’s $125 million remake of the 1990 Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger interplanetary action fest Total Recall looks like a strike-out.  The movie opened with a lethal softness; a $25.7 million first weekend meaning Recall won’t even come close to making back its budget during its …

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Armageddons On A “B” Budget

Science fiction, horror, monsters on the loose – they’ve been a part of the movies almost since the beginning of the medium.  Georges Melies famously turned out a vaudeville-flavored adaptation of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon in 1904, the Edison company produced the first of a nearly century-long parade of film (and later …

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