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    Greatest Horror Comedies

      The latest list in sound of sights month long look at the greatest horror films ever is taking a different look on the horror genre. There is a very narrow line that divides finding something funny and scary, which is exactly the sort of film this list is celebrating. As a genre there is […] More

  • The Best Films Ever Screened At The Fantasia Film Festival (Part 2)

    The new decade showcased some of the very best of genre filmmaking and Fantasia was one step ahead of all other genre film fests in picking up some extraordinary films. Unfortunately, in 2002, the Imperial theater, which had housed the fest since its inception, was unexpectedly late on renovations and repairs. The festival had to […] More

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    The 100 Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 (part 1)

    100- Brick (2005) Directed by Rian Johnson Genre: Film Noir, Mystery, Crime Rian Johnson’s Brick is a rare gem; the low-key, post-modern approach mingles ’40s and ’50s costume accents and the hard-boiled attitude of the great 1930s and ’40s detective novels with the institutional drab of a suburban high school. Take the regular struggles of […] More

  • Podcast (REwInD): Episode #20 – Zombies in Pop Culture part 2

    Here is the second half to our special on zombies in pop culture from way back when Sound On Sight was known as The Naked Lunch. Unfortunately half the episode has forever been lost, but we still feel the first twenty minutes is worth a listen. Join Jason Martineau and myself as we discuss The […] More