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‘2000 AD Prog: 1900 & 1901’ Come for Dredd, stay for (most of) the rest

TV fans often defend their favourite shows with assurances that “it gets better.” It’s a given, at least in North America, that shows take time to truly find their footing. British television, however, is understood to be a place where the writer rules, and is thus free to craft more satisfying, finite stories untainted by corporate committee-think.

‘The Eltingville Club’ is fandom at its most disgusting

Evan Dorkin’s Eltingville Club holds up a mirror to the dark side of fandom and doesn’t flinch. It’s basically a guide on how not to be a good fan of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and gaming written by an actual fan with plenty of geeky references and an old school humor meets underground art style. Act the opposite of Bill Dickey, and you will be golden. Because, hey, comics are fun, especially when reality sucks.

‘Batman/TMNT’ is a Match Made in Comic Book Heaven

The heroes seem to stack up well against the villains of their counterparts. There is a nice scene in which Shredder threatens Gotham, and the Turtles dispatch of Killer Croc and his goons rather quickly. Splinter also makes a brief appearance right before Donatello geeks out over the Batmobile. All in all, the book is fun. Williams’ art is amazing, and every page pops. The characters all look like they’ve been hand painted, and the style is so unique that you can’t quite place the story in either world. The plot is simple enough, but the character interactions and interesting art is why this book is a must read. There is enough in the book to sate both the Batman and TMNT fan in everyone.

Arrow, Ep. 4.01, “Green Arrow”

After a mediocre season finale that neatly pressed the ‘reset’ button, “Green Arrow” delivers mostly a carbon copy of previous season premieres, with a tacked on, laughably desperate ending to boot.

Interview with ‘Welcome to Showside’ Creator Ian McGinty

Ian McGinty is a talented comics artist known for his animation style work on licensed properties, like Bravest Warriors, Munchkin, and Adventure Time Candy Capers featuring the Peppermint Butler. But this fall, he jumps into the driver’s seat as both writer and artist of the upcoming, creator owned Welcome to Showside all ages comics from Z2 Comics.

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