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    Obsessed with Pop Culture: Best of the Week

    The Hype Cycle: Contenders Arrive in Theaters Excuse the absence in this column for the last few weeks. I’ve been covering the Chicago International Film Festival, catching up with a few of the Foreign Language Oscar contenders while there. Now however, many of these movies are finally making their ways into theaters, providing an extra […] More

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    Tokyo 2014: ‘Big Hero 6’ a compelling futuristic adventure comedy with surprising deftness

    Loosely inspired by an obscure series of Marvel comics, Disney’s Big Hero 6 is here to firmly shut the door on Let It Go’s last dying breath with an unlikely origin story that merges the emotional core we’ve come to expect from the House of Mouse, with a splashy, manga-like aesthetic and millenial sensibility. From the vibrant cosmopolitan mash-up San Fransokyo, where the story takes place, to the technologic conundrum of research development versus sale for immediate gain that protagonist Hiro (Ryan Potter) faces, Big Hero 6 weaves together a compelling futuristic adventure comedy with surprising deftness. More

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    NYCC: New ‘Big Hero 6′ Footage

    Disney kicked off New York Comic-Con today with a panel featuring new footage from Big Hero 6 as well as the first trailer for Tomorrowland (which you can see here). In the new trailer we get to see more of the action and superhero suits that were inspired by visits to real-life robotics labs, not […] More

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    The Most Anticipated Science Fiction Films of 2014

    While for a long time science-fiction has been something of a secondary genre, the current age of effects-heavy summer blockbusters has turned sci-fi cinema into big business, with movies about aliens, robots and men in spaceships having exciting space adventures among the most hyped and publicized films of the year, with trailers, billboards, comic-con panels, tv spots and every form of advertising imaginable creating anticipation months or more in advance. More