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The Leftovers, Ep. 2.03, “Off Ramp”

With Kevin, Nora, and Jill restarting their lives in Miracle, it seemed that the series had moved away from the Guilty Remnant, while leaving behind only memories of the twisted events that unfolded in the Tri-State area.

Homeland S04E07 promo image

Homeland, Ep. 4.07, “Redux” is only a hallucination

There was a moment during this episode where I questioned whether or not I could continue watching this show. It came at the end, when we were treated to a surprise appearance by Damian Lewis. That’s right, Brody was briefly back, and though I knew better, it still seemed conceivable that he was actually there and not a figment of Carrie’s imagination. She had already thought the guy in the hospital had been Quinn, but it still seemed plausible that Homeland would bring Brody back because it didn’t know what else to do and for the headlines on Monday morning (it’s getting those anyway, of course).

The Newsroom, Ep 2.04: “Unintended Consequences” shows the repercussions of Will’s antagonistic behaviour, while delving into Maggie’s story

One of the more intriguing aspects of The Newsroom’s second season premiere was the physical transformation of Maggie Jordan. The change, along with hints of a traumatic event, promised to pull the character out of the romantic triangle subplot she was mired in for most of the first season, and add some more dimensions in the process. This week’s episode dives into what led to the change, in a promising episode that also saw the team face their own inability to communicate well, correcting many of the downsides of last week’s episode.

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