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Television that Home Video Forgot: Tower Prep (2010)

When Cartoon Network decided to take on live action series, it was a smart yet risky idea being that the network is mostly known for it’s animation programming, but it was one that worked here with Tower Prep because it had the sensibility of an animated series due to the talents of Paul Dini, who is well renown for his work in animation and comic books, but with the style and tone of a well done mystery drama as developed by the excellent writing staff and overseen by their showrunner Glen Morgan. Currently there is a lot of buzz over the returning of The X-Files next year (that will feature episodes written by each Morgan brother) which would probably prompt fans to revisit old favorite episodes but I invite fans of that show to also take the time to remember this show and appreciate its place in Television history as a show that featured the writing talents of Dini and the Morgan brothers.

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