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Doctor Who Companion Profile: Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane is a journalist sneaking in to UNIT with her virologist aunt’s credentials when she meets the Doctor. She’s eventually caught, but she leaves an impression and ends up replacing the recently-departed Jo Grant as the Companion. After traveling with the Doctor, he drops her off in the wrong city, if not the wrong time, leaving her behind when faced with a summons to Gallifrey. Sarah runs into the Doctor again much later, allowing her to meet Rose and Mickey and get some much-needed closure.

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Top 10 Tenth Doctor Stories

When Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccelston left Doctor Who after only one season, he left behind a set of episodes that were a great reintroduction to the classic series but more than anything, they were a springboard for whoever was going to take over the iconic role next. David Tennant’s Tenth remains one of the most memorable and beloved Doctors in the show’s long history. Bolstered by a robust and often deeply moving performance by Tennant, this five year run produced some of the finest Doctor Who stories in the show’s 50 year run. Here are Ten’s ten best stories:

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So Long, Sarah Jane

2011 has been a mixed year for Doctor Who fans.   Even though our Universe seems to be becoming larger than ever before, two of its brightest stars are no longer with us.  Following the loss in February of Nicholas Courtney, who played Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, Whovians were surprised to learn that Elisabeth Sladen passed away …

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