Eliza Taylor

The 100, Rubicon

The 100, Ep. 2.12, “Rubicon”: ‘The Ground is Ours’

The 100 is no stranger to throwing heavy, morally-ambiguous situations at its characters and then watching them struggle with the decisions they’ve made; “Rubicon” gives Clarke perhaps her biggest ethical dilemma yet (even more so than mercy-killing Finn), and this is only the beginning of the war against the Mountain Men.

The 100, Ep. 2.09, “Remember Me” forces Clarke to face her grief, guilt

“Remember Me” may be about the Sky People’s shaky peace treaty with the Grounders in plot, but in spirit, it’s wholeheartedly an episode about Clarke struggling with the grief of killing Finn, as well as the harsh decisions the leaders–particularly women–on this show have to make on a regular basis. As Abby notes, and as Clarke seems to realize, all of these leaders’ lives mirror one another; they have the same goals, they have to make the same decisions, and they have the same pressure put upon them to keep their people alive.

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