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The 100, Ep. 2.15, “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One” challenges Clarke’s leadership, battle plans

The 100, Ep. 2.15, “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One” challenges Clarke’s leadership, battle plans

The 100, Blood Must Have Blood

The 100, Season 2, Episode 15, “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One”
Written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre
Directed by Omar Madha
Airs Wednesdays at 9pm (ET) on The CW

On this week’s The 100, Clarke and Lexa lead the Grounders and Sky People against the Mountain Men, Raven and Wick attempt to disable Mount Weather’s power, Octavia officially becomes a Grounder, and Bellamy teams with Jasper and Maya.

If there’s one thing The 100 can guarantee, it’s the ability to shock and awe, especially when it comes to the show’s multitude of characters–the majority of The 100‘s plotlines hinge on its characters’ decisions and behavior and general response to their surroundings. So, it’s no surprise that, in an episode so full of major and minor players in the midst of war, there are going to be some downright traumatizing and intense moments.

Naturally, “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One” is wildly tense–this show doesn’t do calm on an ordinary day, so why would the finale be any different? The cold open helps set the stage perfectly, as the Mountain Men–who have proven themselves to be intelligent antagonists–blatantly admit to their people what’s at stake. This is so much more satisfying than watching Mount Weather’s residents live in an oblivious cloud; it’s about time they knew the cost of their own survival.

Another excellent move the episode implements is having Clarke outline the plan–juxtaposed with shots of the plan actually being followed through–and explain to the audience (and, of course, the men and women at war) her battle intentions. This works on two levels, with the first being the overall heist-y and optimistic feeling this scene sets up, and the second being how much more shocking the ultimate downfall of this plan becomes later, because the audience, and Clarke, relied on its success.

The initial hitches in Clarke’s plan are appropriately heart-stopping, especially given The 100‘s history with killing major characters; it’s impossible to forget that everyone’s lives are in danger on this show. Of course, the dangerous situations give several pairings time to bond, most notably Raven and Wick and Indra and Octavia. Raven and Wick are slowly becoming one of the more compelling couples (though, to be fair, there aren’t very many) on the show. Raven’s already complex on her own, but Wick is excellent at bringing out the vulnerability her character possesses (while simultaneously bringing the show much-needed levity). More Wick, please. Meanwhile, in true The 100 fashion, Octavia finally finds acceptance with Indra only to immediately be forced to relinquish it–it’s heartbreaking, for sure, but her struggle thus far has been fascinating to watch. Octavia’s one of the most well-developed characters, and this will only continue that trend.

However, the absolute best, and most devastating, moment of the episode is undoubtedly when Lexa reveals her betrayal. Having her decision trail after last week’s Clarke and Lexa kiss only makes the scene more painful to watch. Thus far, Clarke’s only leadership examples have been people who’ve favored brutality and harsh sacrifice–Lexa’s really no better than Jaha, Kane, or even Abby when it comes to saving her people. Clarke presumably understands Lexa’s decision, as much as it hurts–and Eliza Taylor absolutely nails Clarke’s shock and devastation–but Lexa’s abandonment is going to force Clarke to lead by herself, and, possibly, offer her the opportunity to be a different, and stronger, type of leader than Lexa or anyone from the Ark. This might be the beginning of Clarke’s best character arc yet.

Lastly, how chilling, and utterly sad, are the final shots of Clarke, Octavia, and Bellamy facing the mountain alone? All of them have become leaders now, and The 100‘s going to challenge them as much as possible; the end of “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One” might seem like a defeat in the traditional sense, but there’s still another episode left–if anything, this is only the beginning of each character’s respective transformation.


Ashley Laggan