François Truffaut

New on Video: ‘Paris Belongs to Us’

Paris Belongs to Us defies genre and defies even the loose standards of the New Wave. It does, however, undeniably represent the cinema of Jacques Rivette.

New on Video: ‘Day for Night’

“Day for Night,” a much loved, widely awarded, and truly joyous work about the trials and triumphs of making a film and the extraordinary power of motion pictures as objects of affection and obsession.

New on Video: ‘The Soft Skin’

There is still the same cinematic playfulness, a combination of genuine skill, pervasive influence, and rampant passion for the medium itself, but with The Soft Skin, Truffaut slows things down somewhat, takes a breath, matures.

New on Video: ‘Jules and Jim’

“Though dealing with adults and serious adult situations, ‘Jules and Jim’ exhibits a formal sense of unbridled glee, with brisk editing, amusing asides, and a sinuously mobile camera. It is alive like few films are.”

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