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    Greatest Horror Comedies

      The latest list in sound of sights month long look at the greatest horror films ever is taking a different look on the horror genre. There is a very narrow line that divides finding something funny and scary, which is exactly the sort of film this list is celebrating. As a genre there is […] More

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    Joe Dante To Direct “Monster Love”

    One of modern Hollywood’s most amiable auteurs, Joe Dante will be helming a horror comedy titled Monster Love for Darclight, the genre arm of Arclight Films. The screenplay, by comics writer Greg Pak, follows a werewolf and a vampire whose romance sparks an inter-species war. Admittedly the director has been directing only TV projects since […] More

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    Titans: George Lucas v. Steven Spielberg (part 2)

    Like Lucas, much of Spielberg’s work references the TV shows and movies he saw as a youngster, but where Lucas had spent several years in the intellectual hothouse of USC’s film program, Spielberg had, in essence, gone straight from watching TV to making TV.  Though he had ambitions of wanting to do “serious” film work, […] More